Brioche Lady Fingers with Scrambled Eggs

2 x Slices French Bakery Brioche Loaf

2 x Slices of Primo Prosciutto

3 x Eggs

Butter, Salt, Pepper and Italian Parsley

  1. Cut each slice of Brioche Loaf into 4 Fingers
  2. Beat Eggs with Salt and Pepper to taste
  3. Cut Prosciutto slices in half then length ways to bet 4 slices per piece
  4. Gently heat a non stick fry pan with butter and pan fry the Brioche lady fingers until golden brown
  5. At the same time, heat another fry pan and scramble the eggs to your liking
  6. To plate, quickly wrap prosciutto around the top of each Brioche Finger and stack, scrambled eggs tot he side with freshly chopped Italian parsley