Frequently Asked Questions

Why frozen?

Quality, consistency and wastage control.

How is it prepared?

We ensure our products are baked off, cooled and then quickly frozen to maintain their quality standards.

How is it supplied?

Our range of frozen products is available from all leading frozen food distributors throughout New Zealand. Please refer to our distributors page for a list of distributors in your area.

What size are the cartons?

Our cartons have been designed to quantities that recognise demands on freezer space.

How long will it take to thaw?

It is recommended that our heat’n’eat breads be thawed in a plastic bag – most products will thaw within two hours – or leave overnight for convenience. Pies and savouries are best defrosted in a refrigerator overnight.

Health and Safety

French Bakery are 100% active in following the NZ Food Safety compliance directive known as a deemed food control plan (FCP) under the Food Act, 2014.

French Bakery also operate strict compliance with the Health and Safety at Work Act, 2015.