Brioche Bun Breakfast Burger

1 x French Bakery Brioche Burger Bun

1 x slice Beehive Precooked Rolled Middle Bacon – grilled

1 x Tbsp Barker’s Professional Caramelised Onion Relish

2 x Tbsp Goats Chevre

1 x Hash Brown – cooked

4 x Cherry Tomatoes – slow roasted

1 x Egg Scrambled with Chopped Chives and Salt & Pepper

To Assemble:

Toast Brioche Burger Bun, spread Caramelised Onion on the base, top with grilled Middle Bacon, Crispy Hash brown, Scrambled Egg, Slow Roasted Tomatoes.

Spread Goats Cheese over the lid and serve. Enjoy!