Wheat flour, Water, Egg, Buttermilk (4%), Flour Improver (emulsifier (481), antioxidant (300), (contains wheat and soy)), Yeast, Sugar, Salt, Sesame Seed, Gluten

Egg, Gluten, Milk, Sesame Seed, Soy

Storage Conditions:
Keep frozen below -18°C

Directions for Use:
Defrost in bag for approx. 2 hours or overnight. Toast as desired.

GMO Status:
To our knowledge and information this product has not been derived from genetically modified ingredients.

Country of Origin:
Produced in New Zealand from local and imported ingredients.

Slider Buttermilk 35gm

Nutritional Information

Servings per Package: 50

Serving Size: 35 g

Per ServingPer 100 g
Energy426 kj1220 kj
Protein4.06 g11.60 g
Fat – Total
1.09 g3.11 g
Fat – Saturated0.44 g1.24 g
Carbohydrate – Total17.60 g50.40 g
Carbohydrate – Sugars1.55 g4.44 g
Sodium179 mg513.00 mg