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Heat And Eat Loaves


Straight from the Freezer and into the oven - heat for approximately 5 minutes at 180 degrees celcius - this range allows you to always have fresh bread on hand.

Focaccia Loaf

CODE: 139

Rosemary, salt and garlic add a delicious flavour and aroma to this soft chewy bread. Focaccia can be used as a side to many meals, as a base for pizza or as a sandwich bread.
270 x 170mm

450 gm approx - 10 per carton

Rye/Grain Loaf

CODE: 064

The wonderful colour of this loaf makes for an impressive display on platters or simply slice and serve!
260 x 110mm.

400 gm approx - 14 per carton

Turkish Loaf

CODE: 136

This soft chewy bread lightly topped with sesame seeds is wonderful heated, served with main meals, served with platter, as a base for Pizzas or as a sandwich bread
2710 x 170mm

450 gm approx - 10 per carton

Brioche Loaf

CODE: 093

Brioche Bread is so delicate, light & buttery - it is delicious on its own, with soups or toasted with loads of jam!
170 x 80mm

360 gm approx - 5 per carton

Ciabatta Traditional Loaf

CODE: 159

France meets Italy! A traditional Italian Bread baked with a hard crust containing a soft textured, open to dense crumb.
260 x 110mm

450 gm approx - 14 per carton


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