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Hamburger Buns


Gourmet Burger Buns-Super Seeded

CODE: 053

These generous 110mm sized rolls give your fillings a point of difference. Topped with Sesame, Pumpkin and Poppy seeds.

95 gm approx - 15 per carton

Ciabatta Rustic Burger

CODE: 162

If you are looking for an alternative to a traditional burger bun than look no further that our Ciabatta 140 x 85mm Rustic Burger Bun.

140 gm approx - 20 per carton

Gourmet Burger Buns-Focaccia

CODE: 044

Our wonderfully tasty focaccia recipe made as a 110mm burger bun!

110 gm approx - 36 per carton

Sour Dough Traditional Burger Bun

CODE: 054

Generous 125mm Burger Bun - makes any burger special!

110 gm approx - 36 per carton

Gourmet Burger Bun Brioche

CODE: 031

A generous 125mm Brioche styled burger bun perfect for that special burger

110 gm approx - 15 per carton

Slider Roll

CODE: 025

Perfect for the trend to small portions. A light soft textured 65mm roll, great for mini hamburgers or tapas options

35 gm approx - 50 per carton

Burger Bun Bap

CODE: 032

A 85mm Bun with that great sour dough flavour

100 gm approx - 20 per carton


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