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Baguettes & Rolls



CODE: 049

Our traditional French Bread recipe baked as a 330 mm roll. Fully baked just defrost and fill or serve sliced. Their petite diameter makes them great to serve with finger food! 15 units per carton

110 gm approx - 15 per carton

Pistolet Garlic

CODE: 115

When finishing these garlic rolls in the oven, the garlic butter permeates the bread with an aroma as good as the flavour is strong. 110mm in length.

50 gm approx - 100 per carton

Baguette Twin Pack

CODE: 045

Our traditional French Bread recipe. Convenient 340mm length. Bon appetite!

190 gm approx - 20 per carton

Buffet Rolls

CODE: 060

These petite rolls are just perfect to accompany a meal, fill for a snack or serve with specialty butters on a platter. Measures 40 x 70mm

25 gm approx - 50 per carton

Roll Petite

CODE: 314

These mini rolls (35 x 55mm approx) are the perfect partner for mini frankfurters and finger food. Ideal for caterers, function platters & kids parties

20 gm approx - 160 per carton

Catering Roll Par-Bake

CODE: 033

Finish baking these 25gm par-bake rolls for a perfect accompaniment to soup, meal or fill for a finger food option in a competitively priced catering size carton of 120 units

25 gm approx - 120 per carton

Pistolet Plain

CODE: 200

Our Plain Pistolet - Great for those occasions when you don't want a large roll - Our Pistolets are 110 mm long, making them great to fill or serve with soup or add to a platter.

50 gm approx - 100 per carton

Flutes Grain

CODE: 056

The addition of grains to our popular flutes

110 gm approx - 15 per carton

Petit Pain White

CODE: 307

Our wonderful bread recipe baked as a roll ready for you to fill with your favourite fillings or serve with your own specialty butters to compliment your meal or as a tappa! 180mm long. Carton contains 6 x 6 pack for your convenience.

100 gm approx - 36 per carton


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